A super-successful weekend this year at Quairading. 
About thirty keen tree planters from Rotary Subiaco, Subiaco Rotoract  and Rotary Western Endeavour joined Quairading locals, students from the Quairading District High School and the Churchlands Primary school - all supporting the Rotary Club of Quairading - to plant about 8,000 trees on saline land close to Quairading
The day began mistily, but soon became bright and sunny. (See photo album at end of story). Hard at work with Pottiputki and bucketfuls of seedlings the work was done with great enthusiasm.  Everyone was grateful for the work done by Clive and Bill who had ripped the land so that it easy to dig into.  They were also very entertained by the sight of the bogged ute and seeing it pulled out by the tractor.  Of course Bill and Clive also lit the fires that heated our morning tea and cooked the soups and sausages for lunch.  All of their work was was highly valued.