We have an opportunity for a family to host a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. 

If you are interested and would like to speak to someone about being involved please Contact Us. 
Our Exchange Student mentor will respond to answer all your questions and explain the program.  It can be a great experience for participating host families and the ongoing friendships that are result often last a lifetime.      
If you would like to express your interest in taking part in hosting an incoming Rotary Exchange Student, please click on the "Contact Us" button.  If you leave your phone number our Club Exchange Student Mentor will call you to discuss.
Acting as a host to an overseas student can be an extremely rewarding experience for a family, giving you the opportunity to learn about the country from which the student comes as well as sharing the day to day experiences of the student during his/her stay in Australia.  Your family would be hosting the Exchange Student for any length of time (preferably 3 months) at any stage of his/her 12 month exchange.
The ongoing friendships that are formed during exchange are often very strong and last a lifetime.  As the students make their way through adult life, there are often many overseas trips to catch up or celebrate significant events.