Tree Planting is on again in 2019!  On July 26th the Rotary Club of Subiaco headed east to spend time with our friends in Quairading, to admire the hard working students from Churchlands Primary School and to plant several thousand trees ourselves.
Armed with our PottiPutki, we will be pushing and pulling and planting and unjamming, not to mention having a great time with the outstanding support offered by the Rotary Club of Quairading and their wonderful community.
Tree Planting is a highlight of the Churchlands Primary year as the students transfer their school knowledge about conservation and the environment into practical action to save saline land.
This exercise in City-Country cooperation has been a highlight for the schoolchildren of Churchlands Primary School for several years. For the Rotary Club of Subiaco it is a project that has encompassed more than 20 years, hundreds of children from Churchlands and Jolimont and wonderful friendships with people from Quairading and before them, Tambellup.
Lots of work goes into planning the tree-planting weekend.
Gardening gloves, spades and hole diggers are essential equipment for everyone. Check the weather forecast to see if you'll need your rubber boots and raincoats or just your warm jumpers.
At school teachers discuss land clearing, students help work out costs for lunch and snacks, and everyone is eager to signup before the cutoff date.
Rotary Subiaco organizes the bus and which club members are going.  It's a great weekend for Rotary families to join in, and enjoy a little road trip as well.
At home in Quairading preparations are made for the school barbecue and dinner with both Rotary Clubs in the evening. 
Once tree planting begins it is all hands on deck.  Teams walk down furrows - some digging holes, some planting and others packing soil around the new trees. Morning tea, talk and laughter then back on the bus and home  - exhausted, sometimes wet, sometimes muddy, but always an experience to remember forever.