The Rotary Club of Subiaco is very proud to be a major sponsor of Orange Sky's new laundry and shower van operating in the Perth South area. Club members Sioux Christiansen and Maarten Noordzy attended Orange Sky's welcome to the new van recently.
The club had been looking for a group working in a practical way to improve the lives of homeless people. Orange Sky's mission - to provide portable laundry and shower facilities to homeless people around Australia proved to be just the ticket. After presentations from Orange Sky and discussions about their operational needs in the Perth area the club decided to fund the new hybrid van's operational and maintenance costs for two years.
At the launch Sioux announced the van's name and then had the privilege of sticking it onto the rear of the van.
Lottie is named after another her major sponsors - Lottery West - and is already a hit with her clients.
Before she began her real work Lottie had a tour of the Perth sights, including watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Welcome to Perth, Lottie, and thank you.

A woman reaching up to add a name sticker to a van. Blue sky, green trees.
Sioux reaches high to give Lottie her new name
Peace, after a good day's work.