Posted by Cheryl Jennings
Satish More is our newest Club Member. Satish brings International and Vocational service to our club. He's a human resources management consultant with decades of
experience in technology, electronics, manufacturing, and engineering industries.  
He comes from a small village in India, USAR KHURD. There is no railway station near to USAR Khurd. Nearest is nearly 10 km away. The size of the area is about 8.89 square
kilometres.  Satish is a HR expert and consultant. Among his many work place roles they can include industrial relations, discipline and determination, acquisition and retention of good
employees and involvement with Maritime Union of Australia. 
The Project now - Satish and his family set about building a school. It had a 20km catchment radius. Kids arrived at school on push bikes, bull carts and some walked for 3 hours. The
boarding arrangement was provided free of charge and provided food and accommodation. Satish personally sponsored 20 students per annum, who received fees, uniform, books
and boarding for those who could not travel daily. Scholarships provided for 10 students.
At one point he offered scholarships for 10 students to come to University in Western Australia thinking cost may be $20K but this in reality blew out to $60K. Satish works for a gold
mining company and put forward a proposal for the company to pay for 2 students. They offered 50% for 2 students. Satish picked up 30% and 2 friends the remaining 20%. Students
finished studies and gained employment. Now sponsoring kids in village.
The Dream - Vision for 2025 is to deliver the WA curriculum and provide vocational education. School will have athletics school, swim school, tennis academy and cricket academy.
Talented students get opportunity to study in Australia. Teacher training in English, Maths & Science Curriculum will be provided by SCSA for 2 months and they will return after 3
months to ensure it is working. His Goal is to provide world class education when parents are often limited in what they can provide. Re sustainability, talking to a pharmaceutical