Bowelscan is part of Rotary's national bowel screening program. It was established in 2007 with the slogan 'Catch cancer before it catches you'.
Rotary Bowelscan is the initiative of over 300 Rotary Clubs across Australia, working to reduce the number of lives lost to bowel cancer.
The programme runs during the month of May in every year to raise the awareness of the risks of bowel cancer and to encourage Australians most at risk (those aged over 40) to take the annual test.
With the support of hundreds of pharmacies throughout Australia, the programme distributes Bowelscan testing kits to local communities, giving people the opportunity to test themselves early and regularly enough to have a fighting chance at survival.
Bowelscan kits are affordable at $15 per kit, easy to use and include pathology testing by accredited pathologists and you will receive a notification whether the results are positive or negative. All kits MUST be returned by post by Wednesday 1st of June. All proceeds from the kits are put back into the programme to allow it to continue to provide this valuable community service.

In Subiaco

Subiaco pharmacies offering bowelscan kits in 2017 include .....

Our History

The Rotary Bowelscan program was first developed in 1982 in Lismore, northern New South Wales by a local doctor and member of the Rotary Club of Lismore, Dr Bill Brand who identified the need for a low cost, easy to use diagnostic test for bowel cancer.
Since these humble beginnings, the program has grown significantly with the support of Australian Rotary, participating pharmacies and Rotary volunteers to continue to save the lives of thousands of Australian men and women from bowel cancer.