Thank you from the Bluebird Board for sponsorship for an event held on 6 November 2022.

On behalf of the Bluebird board, we would like to extend our gratitude for The Rotary Club of Subiaco's sponsorship towards our first community Wellbeing event held on Sunday 6th November.

It was a beautiful morning at Yab Yum Yoga Studio in Highgate where members and the general public participated in a relaxing yin yoga class and meditation practice.

This was followed by a morning tea where we were able to reconnect with existing members and meet new friends and raise awareness of Bluebird’s service in the wider community.


Key Achievements from the event:

- Sold 20 tickets, with majority of ticket holders from the general public, allowing us to promote Bluebird in the wider community.

- Raised awareness among approx. 15 local cafes and venues in Highgate and on within numerous community mental health facebook groups and community pages, reaching 1000’s of people.

- Activated the Bluebird member database and received interest from sponsors for following up events

- Raised awareness in the Nursing Industry. A lovely lady saw the event on Eventbrite and was not aware of Bluebird or the services we offered and she was able to take flyers to share within her hospital/network where she works. She also mentioned it would be a great referral to give to the parents she works with.

- Received a donation from local Woolworth’s to provide nourishing morning tea

 - Provided an opportunity to share the Act Belong Commit message as part of our commitment as a partner organisation

 - Secured donations for our door prizes and goodie bags from local business that align with our wellbeing focus

- Two past members from many years ago have resurfaced and have expressed interest in volunteering and assisting Bluebird for future events and with general support.

 - Received some funding from ticket sales