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San Agapito Elementary School

Power ON!


Isla Verde between Mindoro and Luzon

Geoff Down (Club President 2016-2017) was visiting friends in the Philippines and heard of a local school without electricity. He enquired further and this is what he found.

A view of the island from the sea

Isla Verde is a tiny island lying in the strait between Luzon and Mindoro islands and is part of Batanga province. It is surrounded by a Marine Sanctuary and has several diving resorts.

San Agapito Elementary School

Geoff visited San Agapito Elementary School on Isla Verde and found great students and dedicated staff. Unfortunately there was no electricity due to the breakdown of their generator and problems with the inverters for their solar panels.

The old generator

The old generator needed replacing and the school roofs needed repainting to prevent leakage onto the generator and other equipment.


School Staff are pleased to see roof paint in the traditional Baguio Green arriving.

School Children at Assembly

School still goes on with all the familiar rituals. Today an assembly to receive the new generator.

Geoff asked the Rotary Club of Subiaco to help.

The Generator

Installation in progress

The club's first decision was to fund a new generator for the school.

Installation complete

The generator was installed and 'opened' in June 2016.

Geoff and Maribel Down with compulsory plaque.

The school will now be able to access educational television and perhaps use the internet.

Repair and repaint the roofs

This stage was carried out in July 2016 with cooperation from the El Galleon Resort from Puerto Gallera. In addition to helping the school this provided work to Puerta Galera and local people during the low season. The Puerto Galera News reported on the project too.

Unloading Supplies

The next urgent need for the school was to repair and paint the school roofs.

Men standing on a corrugated roof painting it green
Painting the Roof

Leaky rooves had previously degraded equipment and we needed to stop that happening to the new generator.

Man on roof silhouetted in the evening sky
The last paint goes on against a beautiful backdrop.

A local company provided special rollers for corrugated roofing and the work was completed in half the initially estimated time.

Next: Cool, cool fans

With great power comes great responsibility - and in this case we feel responsible for making the class rooms cooler for all students and staff. Ceiling fans have been installed.

Work begins on Installing fans in a classroom.

We hope that keeping classrooms cooler will help staff and students to enjoy each day at school a little more.

Two fans were installed in each room

Local workers installed fans sourced from local suppliers.

Fans Installed

The fans were installed in August.

Where to next?

Members have suggested various forms of support for the school including

  • Assess whether solar panel inverters can be repaired or replaced
  • Assist the school with acquiring school equipment
  • Support for teacher requests
  • Ask the school to prioritize its needs
  • Decide on further goals and measures of success

As we build this project we will be seeking partnerships to help us deliver resources that meet the needs of the local community.

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