Huntington’s disease and its impact in the Community
Apr 04, 2023 5:45 PM
Nicola Bedwood
Huntington’s disease and its impact in the Community

This year, Brightwater is undertaking a major fundraising appeal to build a new purpose-built home for people living with Huntington’s Disease, a condition that impacts how the brain works. It gets gradually worse over time and is fatal. Children of a person with Huntington’s disease have a 50% chance of inheriting the gene and developing the disease, so it crosses generations and impacts whole families.

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Nicola Bedwood has worked for Brightwater for 4 years and manages a small team responsible for the overall management of corporate relationships, partnership engagement, program development, volunteering services and delivering on philanthropic targets. Nicola uses her experience and knowledge to create a vision and strategy for building and cultivating relationships that connect corporate supporters with Brightwater’s mission, and the personal journey stories of Brightwater’s residents and clients, as well as securing long term and lasting funding sources through strategic partnerships and programs.Prior to her time at Brightwater, Nicola she was responsible for the overall management of operations and marketing of an icon in the WA market, Channel 7’s Telethon. The Channel 7 Telethon Trust is a registered charity, governed by a Board of Trustees, dedicated to raising funds for children, benefiting a range of children charities.