An artful lesson in mindset
Feb 07, 2023 5:45 PM
Fiona Perrella
An artful lesson in mindset

How to apply the power of your mindset in achieving your goals. An artful activity will be conducted where we will be listening for automatic negative thoughts that can and will arise as people are learning new skills.  Through the activities we will explore how to accept the emotions that come when you are in your stretch zone, making mistakes and learning.  Learn how to recognise, deal with and reframe thoughts such as perfectionism and disappointment, which are helpful in persevering and working through uncomfortable situations.  Tips and tools wiill be given on how to think with a growth mindset in all parts of life.   

Fiona Perrella is a Resilience educator.  She started her career as a Human Resources professional, Consultant, Trainer and Life Coach working with organisations and individuals to assist people challenge their thinking and change their behaviour to achieve success. When her young children entered the school system she was moved to change her work focus as she realised her own daughter’s unhelpful thinking was developing into issues with self-esteem and confidence – the same issues that her clients in the corporate sector were facing.

In 2012, she founded Strength Heroes.  Strength Heroes uses art and play to develop resilience skills in children. Strength Heroes work with families with early years and primary aged children, schools, childcare providers, Out of School Hours Care programs, local councils and other organisations. Their unique approach has seen it grow steadily in making an impact on children’s wellbeing in WA.  In 2022, Fiona Perrella was named a finalist in Commissioner for Children and Young People Mental Educator category of the WA Mental Health Awards.